Michael Senkow

Designer / Developer / Multidisciplinary Creative

July, 2013 Present

IBM Design -Austin, TX

Product Designer, FED

I currently work here, generally within the overarching IBM Design group, more specifically on Business Analytics software. Tasks revolve around making making prototypes alongside other aspects of User Experience Design. These are primarily HTML/CSS/JS and range from one-off ideas to full mock-ups.

Additionally I’ve been aiding in leading visiting teams from other products in prototyping sessions, working through paper-prototyping concepts and explaining the importance of mock-ups in the design process.

Randomly, I'm listed on two patent proposals, received second in an internal Watson/Bluemix hackathon on a team, and contributed to prototypes outside my primary group.

April, 2012 July, 2012

Apple IS&T - Cupertino, CA

User Experience Designer

This was a summer internship during my Masters program. I started with mocking up a office check-in system they were pondering within the Cupertino campus buildings. This involved some quick interviews on people’s interactions with the calendar and check-in system, creating basic wireframes, and mocking up final visuals to pass onto development.

The rest of the summer was spent looking into accessibility in relationship to the internal Apple applications. Recommendations were created on how the system could be improved to better respond to requirements, including a collection of documents, visual examples, and some web mock-ups of how development can properly write web-code for accesibility. A mock-up of a potential solution for Apple’s internal iOS log-in system was created that added an auditory signal to the current system, making it more usable for people with visual difficulties and generally improving the overall enjoyment of the system.

2012 2013

University of Michigan, Architecture Dept - Ann Arbor, MI

Graduate Student Research Assistant

This involved a variety of quick tasks for Christian Stayner, a visiting professor. I created two websites for him to better display his data, modeled and 3D printed a number of buildings for a research display, and aided in construction of displays for his final work.

2012 2012

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI

Website Designer

This was a part-time job involving creating a website for a professor in the English department. It involved a few interviews to determine the user requirements and the purchase and set-up of a wordpress theme and site. (The theme was purchased due to time constraints).

2011 2012

University of Michigan, Architecture Dept - Ann Arbor, MI

Research Assistant

I worked with Josh Bard in the Architecture department to study potentials of robotic manufacturing with plaster application. 3D models were created of potential designers along with posters, mock-ups of the research, and an Arduino controller for an attachment on the KUKA robot used.

2010 2010

Applied Analytics - Boston, MA

Regional Application Engineer

This was an engineering sales role for a process analyzer company. I was only here for a short period but it involved creating pamphlets, sales brochures, and giving recommendations on improvements to the company’s website.

Special Skills

Human Language
Humanistic - English, Some Spanish, Some German, Some Finnish
Programmatic Language
Best with the HTML/CSS/JS [see html5, css3, SCSS etc.] trifecta, basics in C++, Java, Obj-C, and experience with Data Manipulation with Python, R, and Matlab
Operating Systems
Comfortable with Windows, OSX, and the various Visual Linux Distributions
User Experience
Adept with a variety of Visual tools [Adobe Suite, 3D modeling tools, Omnigraffle, Axure, etc.]


  • Data Visualization
  • Accessibility [Universal Access]
  • Design Connecting with Technology