In my last year at Michigan Tech University I worked as a graphic design student for Michigan Tech University's Marketing and Communications group. This was a truly wonderful job. I was able to see the entire process of how advertisements, marketing material, posters, logos, and just about every piece of imagery for the University was created. This didn't just stay within the computer realm either. Michigan Tech has a very close-knit group, so I was able to take part in the printing process, both for normal paper publications, up to large 20-foot posters and truck covers.


Graphic Design, Adobe Suite


Houghton, MI

UX Research and Persona Creations

I've honestly never seen a University Marketing department as well laid out since my stay here. Out of all my early jobs I appreciate this one most of all and thank the people at MTU's MarComm department for the experience they provided. I believe its been a key part of whats led me to where I am today.




Large Banners

Available for Consultation Work