Public Relations for Keweenaw Pride, MTU's GLBTA Group


For four years of my undergraduate education I was Public Relations for Michigan Tech's GLBTA student organization. This started me down the route of making graphics and advertisements, and attempting to understand the connections between different groups of people.


Graphic Design, Public Speaking, Writing, Public Relations


Houghton, MI

Notable Projects

  • Set of Drag Show Connected Posters
  • Group Advertisements
  • Pride Week Newsletter

Early Work that shows where I came from.

This was one of my first trials in trying to do a wide myriad of tasks in connection to visual design. I have here a number of pieces from different physical design realms. I'd say view this as a starting point, that I've moved beyond.

Drag Show Posters

While most of these posters were just fun and something to work on to expand my design skills, I'd hold up the first one, the G-BLT as an example of really thinking about a social and psychological design connection. My undergrad was fairly good towards GLBT students, but there was still the continuous issue of posters being destroyed and torn down. This poster though ended up staying up the full-year, as a general notice that Keweenaw Pride existed. It worked because there existed a two-party system towards understanding the design: those in the know and those who were against gay students. Those in the know understood the colors, acronyms, and other imagery, even though it did not directly say 'GAY STUDENT ORG'. Those who hated though only saw the sandwich and did not get up the slightly subtler joke going on. They passed it by whereas a more direct poster would be torn down.

Available for Consultation Work