Professor Salaries and the Olympics


This was by far my favorite course in the Fall semester of 2012. We had two main projects, the first one being a singular piece the second being a group project. Check out the main project at its main page.


User Experience Design, Data Visualization


Ann Arbor, MI

Professor Salaries (Processing)

For the first project, I took the data provided through UM of all their pay scales throughout the university and using processing to created a unique visual of the data. The final piece for that was made in processing though and doesn't transpose to the web well, so I have a video of the end piece. My thought is to take this site and make it more accessible. The image provided shows a very early step, displaying in a pie chart the number of overall jobs in ann arbor, versus dearborn and flint, and in the outer circle the percentage of people in different pay scales. It will become more clear as the class progresses.

Olympics and Nation Health

The second project dealt with looking at Olympic data and comparing it to various country statistics (population, GDP, hdi, etc.) As a group we went through extensive testing, sketching, and data cleaning to end up with the final project. Sketching and comparative analysis, to other visualizations of similar data, and other variations on multiple sets led to the final form. This was a group project, in which I worked primarily on the sketching design side, with some work towards the programming of the final construct.

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