Apple User Experience Group in IS&T


Worked under Steve Cotterill and Sue Booker , exploring User Experience Research, Design, and the beginnings of Interaction Design. It was an amazing experience to work in such an environment.


User Experience Research, Design, Prototyping

Notable Projects

  • iPad Based Room Reservation Concept
  • Internal Marketing Contest for App Bundles
  • Accessibility improvement for Internal Applications

UX Research, Ideation and Design

There were three main explainable projects that resulted from my Apple internship.

App Bundles

This was a marketing competition in which my group received third. We met multiple weeks exploring ideas and finally settled on the concept of grouping/bundling/busheling apps together. It was a fairly simplistic idea but also straight-forward. Since we left Apple a concept by the same name made its way into iOS 8. It probably is unrelated, or more directly the result of pure logic in relation to the long-term goals of the app store, but I like to think we played a part.

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Door Log-in System

This is a final site-architecture and visual mock-ups for a potential internal door-logging system my manager had me working on while I was there. It was back when Apple was pushing the more purely skeumorphic design so much of my work was creating iterations to see whether this could be done without in a mixture of coming across as vaguely physical without being absurd.

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The main goal of the internship was to design/understand/create mockups around the concept of Accessibility and internal Apple applications. UX Research wise, I was able to talk to various coworkers who had various steps within the Accessibility spectrum. We also used tools (shown in the pictures) to explore the potentials of having various forms of Access issues. The work culminated in a set of documents providing examples and suggestions on which applications to look into more closely and what steps to take moving forward.

Voiceover was key to this whole project and by the end I became pretty proficient with exploring a page with this tool. I created a set of mockups showing proper and improper ways to code for a website in relation to Voiceover.

A Few Coded Examples of the Good and Bad ways to do Accessibility.

There was also a video mock-up made displaying the potentials of adding sound to the Apple internal log-in system...I'm leary to show it though as it differs from the more-public log-in systems. Basically it currently doesn't work with Voiceover and I advised fixing the purely coded issues and adding musical tones to make it fun-for everyone and make it work better for Universal Access.

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