Michigan Tech Aerospace Enterprise


As part of my focus in Mechanical Engineering, I took part in the Michigan Tech Aerospace Enterprise. I was part of the Structures team and the head of the Marketing team for the group, both working to improve the structural integrity of the satellite along with recruiting new members and improving the visuals needed for the group. I can say, by being part of the group, that I've taken part in a project that led to an object in space...we won the year after I graduated and the team will be sending a satellite up in the near future.


Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Photography, FEA Analysis, Marketing


Houghton, MI

Marketing and Structure Analysis

Most of what I'm showing here are the results of the marketing work I performed for the group. Photography, graphic design, posters, pamphlets, and even my first steps into interaction design made up the work I produced. I can't display much of my structures work, but it was also more purely analytical.
Shown below are just a few samples. Photography of the objects created, a logo that ended up getting used across various media, optimized table pamphlets, and some attempts at making display posters that had a cohesive scheme.


Logos and Branding Cohesion

Interactive Slide Display

This was a very early Interactive Design project. Naively I used PowerPoint to create an interactive display that users could move around to see more information about the aerospace projects. I can only display the individual slides here, but if you open up the ppt file on your own, you can move through the intended path and see its movements.

Article Explaining the Enterprise

Available for Consultation Work