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IBM Design

Role: Product Designer

Site: IBM Design

Dates: July 2013 to Present

Tags: UX Design, UX Research, Design Thinking, Prototyping

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Noun Project

Role: Visual Design

Site: Noun Project

Dates: Continous

Tags: Visual, SVG

Role: Prototype/Teaching Concepts

Site: Code Pen

Dates: Continous

Tags: Programmatic Concepts, Examples

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Apple UX Team in IS&T

Role: UX Designer (graduate school internship)

Site: Apple

Dates: April 2012 to August 2012

Tags: UX Design, UX Research, Accessibility, Competitions


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Link to Old Portfolio

Older Portfolio

Explanation:Keeping This partly as a comparison of how things have changed, partly to make sure all the work is displayed.

Link to Old Landing Page

Old Portfolio Experiments

Explanation:Just keeping this around because the animations were fun. It lived as a sort of landing page for when I first started working at IBM Design.

Old Landing Page Concept Parallax Trial
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University of Michigan
Info. Sci. Masters
Human-Computer Interaction

Role: Graduate Student doing a Variety of UX Projects

Site: UM Info Science HCI

Dates: 2011 to 2013

Tags: UX Design, UX Research, Data Manipulation, Data-Viz


Graduate School Work, Information Science

Original PDF Paper

Thanatosensitivity Paper

Role:User Experience Writing/Theory

Site: Medium Article Form

Dates: 2012

Tags: UX Research, Theory

Original PDF Paper

Rhino Research Paper

Role:User Experience Writing/Theory

Site:Nothing Yet, Going to Work on Medium Article

Dates: 2012

Tags: UX Research, Theory

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Visualizations of Payrolls
and the Olympics

Role:Data Visualization, UX Design

Site: Working Site

Dates: 2012

Tags: D3.js, Data-Viz, UX Design

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Adler Planetarium UX Volunteer Work

Role:UX Designer

Site: Adler Visualization Lab

Dates: 2013

Tags:User Experience Researcher, Designer, Android Programming (via Processing)

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Light Installation Piece

Role:Physical Creation, CNC Machining, Electronics

Location: Flint, MI

Dates: 2011

Tags: Architecture, Physical Objects

Undergraduate School Work

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Keweenaw Pride PR

Role: Public Relations

Site: Keweenaw Pride

Dates: 2004 - 2009

Tags: Visual Design, Public Relations

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Michigan Tech Marketing

Role: Graphic Designer

Site: MTU Marketing

Dates: 2008-2009

Tags: Visual Design, Adobe Suite, Lots of Work

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Aerospace Enterprise

Role:Marketing (and Structures Team)

Site: Aerospace Enterprise

Dates: 2007 - 2009

Tags: Marketing, Photography (Structures, FEA Analysis)

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